Saturday, June 8, 2013

Look Ahead!

Happy Weekend, friends!

Can you believe we are through the first week of June already?  Even though it is just starting summer here, I'm going to encourage you to think like our Australian friends for a moment.  They are just starting their winter months and maybe the thought of snow and cold will help you think about today's CHALLENGE... 

Let's look ahead to Christmas!


Yes!  It's not too early to pick up a Holiday Planner and start to jot down gift ideas, plan menus and think through your holiday plans.  It will be easier to think through some of these things now when you are not under pressure than it will be when school is in session and snow is flying.  This summer, listen for gift ideas - especially from the men in your lives.  All of the "cool tools" seem to come out in the summer!  Also be sure to watch for special sales and gift certificates.  I've gotten a few $10 off of a $10 purchase coupons over the last few months.  These are perfect to pick up some fun or useful gifts for someone on your list.  Other ideas to help stretch your gift giving budget?  Watch for sales or special offers from places like for wonderful photo type gifts (Think personalized calendars, magnets and keychains...), or trade in some credit card reward or Swagbucks points for free gift cards.   Summer is also the perfect time to start working on homemade gifts, cards and tags to keep the holiday season stress to a minimum.  

Have fun with the challenge and Merry Christmas! : )

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