Thursday, June 13, 2013

Martha - Remembering what is most important in the midst of our busy days

It's summer!  The children are out of school, swimming lessons and summer sports are underway, the library has started the children's summer program, and there are summer projects looking at you from every corner.  Where do you begin?

Even though my children are grown, I've struggled with that same question over the past few weeks.  A shoulder/neck/back pain flare-up has limited both my ability to do things and even think through things.  If you've been responding to posts and haven't heard back from me, that's probably why.  Your messages made me smile but I couldn't think through to actually respond to them.  I am so sorry!

When we are at our breaking point, either through physical problems or the busyness of life, what do we do?  How do we keep going?

Trust and rest when all around thee
Puts thy faith to sorest test.
Let no fear or foe surround thee.
Wait for God and trust and rest.

Trust and rest with hearts abiding
Like a birdling in its nest
Underneath His feathers hiding,
Fold thy wings and trust and rest.

                                                                        -- author unknown

Martha wanted desperately to do it all.  She wanted to serve the Master, take care of her family, and look good doing it.  But by stretching herself too thin, she instead became bitter against Mary, unhappy and unpleasant.  I love our Lord's words.  "Only one thing is needful."  During those times that we are overwhelmed with life, we need to remember that we can't do everything!  Begin your day at the Lord's feet in prayer.  Begin it in His Word.  Ask Him to bring to mind those things that you need to complete that day.  Then calmly, quietly, do the next thing, always lifting your heart in praise to the Lord.  It is fascinating to watch Him direct the day around you, bringing in little emergencies that need to be dealt with, and always providing the strength and grace to accomplish them. Try to go through the same day in your own strength, though, and the result is much different.  Sigh.  Ask me how I know!  Situations arise that disrupt your plans and your peace is disrupted as well and soon you find yourself like Martha -- bitter against a friend or family member, unhappy and unpleasant -- and needing to be corrected by a word from the Lord rather than simply being blessed and encouraged as Mary was.


I would hope that I was the only one that needed this reminder, but I am afraid that many of us struggle in this area.  Remember to take your to do list to the Lord each morning and let Him equip you for the day HE has planned, rather than just asking Him to join you in the one you foresee.  Trust and rest today as you plan to be a blessing!!

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Simply Victoria said...

Words aptly spoken! Thanks for the encouragement. Praying you are feeling better soon!