Monday, June 10, 2013

Scatter Sunshine

Sunrise:  Getting my day (and home!) off to a great start 
as I begin my week.

Good morning, friends!  Are you ready to begin another week?

One of the sections of the Beautiful Life Manager pages says "Brightening, not Perfecting".  Isn't that a wonderful thought?  Each day we can scatter a little sunshine in our home just by doing the little things that brighten it and make it a comfortable, inviting place to live.

Sometimes I need to be reminded of that because I tend to push off little jobs because they aren't important.  Hence, I'll have little piles of little jobs scattered here and there around the house.  A card here that I need to write and send, a pile here that needs a file folder made... but the folder is downstairs and I need to get it, a cross stitch project that needs half an hour's attention to send out in an exchange, a few stamps that need a home, etc., etc.  Because they are little jobs that can be done "whenever" and aren't pressing on my immediate attention, I almost feel guilty when I work on them, but those "small things" are often the ones that really brighten our homes.  


I'm going to challenge myself this week to see working on the small things as a way to scatter sunshine in my home.  In fact, I think today will be a "sunshine day" that is devoted to finishing up projects, working on small tasks and straightening small areas.  

I'm off to light a candle, put on some pretty music and get started.  Feel free to join me!! 



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