Wednesday, June 12, 2013

Service with Joy

Hello again!  Can you believe that it's been 21 days already since we ended the 28 Day Challenge?  How are you doing with the new habits you had created?  Are you still on track, or do you need to make some changes?  As we focus on the heart of our homemaking during the "Continuing On" posts, let's not forget the practical side of our homemaking as well!

Today is Wednesday and our Bible character to focus on is...

Esther - "Pleasing my King as I seek to serve Him"

It's an interesting thought that we can serve someone without pleasing them, isn't it?  Even my service to the Lord Himself isn't acceptable if it is done to earn His love and salvation.  Service must come from a heart of love, not to earn love from another.  That thought is really novel in today's culture, isn't it?  We treat others nicely so they will treat us nicely back.  We give to others so others will give to us.  We show respect to others so they will respect us back.  But the Bible teaches us very differently.  Christ told the Pharisees to invite to dinner those who couldn't invite them back.  He told us to give to the poor who couldn't repay us.  He told us not to seek for the place of honor, and not to show respect to someone just because he wears nice clothes (and therefore, would be worth our knowing...).

How does that translate into our home?  I've often heard women say that marriage is a 50/50 or 100/100 proposition.  No matter which of the two ratios they use, the idea is that each person must give the same amount or they feel the relationship is a failure.  If they give their husband 100%, then he had better give 100%, too, and if he doesn't, they are convinced that they have grounds for divorce.  But when we serve from a heart of love, rather than to gain it from another, it doesn't matter if you get a return on your investment.  You serve because you can.  You serve because God's love overflows from your heart to your hands.  You serve because you can't help it.

Today's Challenge:

Take the temperature of your service in your home.  Are you unhappy when others don't do their part?  Are you so focused on "feeling loved and important" by those in your home that you neglect the fact that you can be a joyful channel of God's love to them? 

There is SO much for me to learn here.  For each of us, I'm afraid, if we are truly honest with ourselves.  I pray that we will each strive to please our King today as we seek to serve Him!!

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