Saturday, June 15, 2013


Sunset - Finishing my work to His glory... 
preparing for Sunday!

Good Morning, ummmm, Afternoon!! 

Yesterday was a 10 hour car trip to the chiropractor, so my Sunset today has focused on rest and recovery as I look forward to the week ahead.   
Somehow curling up on the couch with an ice pack has left me feeling less than inspiring, so I'll make today's challenge an easy one.  


Take a break today to enjoy the beauty of the creation around you.  Listen to the birds sing, watch the rain fall, or feel the sun's warmth.  Then take a couple 15 minute slots and prepare for tomorrow...

1st 15 minutes:  What am I having for Sunday lunch and supper?  Take out meat if necessary, and be sure dishes are clean.
2nd 15 minutes:  What am I (and/or my husband and children) wearing to church tomorrow?  Decide - Iron - Lay Out

Other things to think about...

*  Is there anything I need to take to church with me?  Bible, Notebook, Music, Checkbook, Water Bottle, Diaper Bag, etc.  Pack your bag now!

*  Is there anything I could do today to make tomorrow easier?

Thanks so much for stopping by and for your encouraging comments.  You are such a blessing to me!!


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