Monday, July 1, 2013

A Quote to Ponder


Welcome to July, friends! 

I thought this quote would be a good way to start off the month.  Can you believe that we are starting the second half of the year already?  Soon we will be counting the days until school opens, and from there the number of days until Thanksgiving and Christmas!  

In the rush of our everyday life, it is good to slow down and see if we are really living the way we say we want to live.   Are our lives godly and trust-filled?  Are they characterized by calm cheerfulness, loving liberality, diligent service, moderation in our spending and prudence in our speech?  Are we truly taking the time to delight in the Lord, so that the desire of our hearts is more of Him, or are we distracted by the pretty wordly things along the way - so that our desire is really to have more of... ________ ?  I'm afraid you can probably fill in the blank as well as I can.

Let's take time this week to readjust our priorities if they have been pushed aside with the busy-ness of summer days.  Memorize Scripture while you wash the dishes, listen to the Bible on CD rather than turning on a movie, pick up your neglected Bible Reading journal, or begin again to record daily blessings and prayer requests.  I'm sure that you long to know and love Him better, just like I do.  Let's encourage each other to love and good works today!!



A Happy Monday prompt for today:
We will celebrate the 4th of July by...

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