Monday, August 12, 2013

Monday Musing... Approaching Today

Have you ever looked ahead to the next day... week... month... and been completely overwhelmed?  Maybe it is because you have so much to do that you don't know where to start.  Perhaps there is a decision you need to make, and you don't know what to do.  Or you are dealing with chronic pain or sickness.  Or you could even find yourself in a "dead-end" situation that you see no relief from in the near future and you just don't know how to face it.

Last week after a day of shoulder pain... and a little bit of ensuing grumpiness... I was praying about the next day and wondering how I could face it.  There were decisions to be made, things to do and people to work with and I was tired and sore and discouraged. As I read through the verses in my devotional for the evening, I asked the Lord how I should approach my day, and, OH, what a blessing the verses were!  I'd like to share them with you, because maybe they'll encourage you as well.

Approach each day as one given a second chance.  Psalm 18:16
The Psalmist was rescued - and given a second chance at life.  I had been given another try at living out how I should respond when my shoulder hurts.  Each new day I am given a "second chance" to respond correctly to the challenges of my life.  Challenges especially measured out to me from His hand.  What a wonderful ray of hope for tomorrow!    Thank you Lord!

Make decisions and walk with confidence in them.  God has established my paths.  Psalm 40:2
Sometimes trying to make a decision is like being sucked into a mud pit.  I feel totally unable to work through all the possibilities, so I make no decision at all.  But if I have asked the Lord for guidance He WILL direct my paths!!  I can make decisions confidently and not second-guess myself even when difficulties present themselves because of those decisions.  Of course, that doesn't give me license to be foolish or do "as I please"... my GOAL is to please God - to delight myself in Him and do what He desires, and my decisions should reflect that!!

Want things for GOD, not for myself.  Ephesians 2:1-3
I have been brought to life by God!  I don't need to spend my hours wishing for things for myself.  As I delight in fulfilling God's calling for me, and bringing glory to Christ in my attitudes and actions, He will provide my needs.  And often He blesses in ways I could not even imagine!

When I am overwhelmed - PRAY.   Ps 61:1,2
And then rest in the knowledge that He hears me!  

Realize that I am where I am because God has me there for a purpose.  
Jonah 2:2,3
They are HIS circumstances, not just mine!

HOPE!  And meanwhile - ENDURE.  Ps 66:12
We so often want OUT of unpleasant things and forget that we are soldiers - needing to endure unpleasantness with honor and loyalty before winning the victory and coming out into a "wealthy place".

Hold fast!  He is with me!!!


I pray you'll have a blessed week as you continue to Plan to be a Blessing!

Blessings In Christ,


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