Monday, August 19, 2013

Monday Musing -- Of The Lord

Happy Monday!

I'm working around the house today, catching up on various things that I set aside while I had my Mom here last week, so I don't have anything very profound for you today in my musings.  I just wanted to share a verse with you that I came across in my Bible reading a little while ago, and it keeps coming back to mind.  It's found in Judges 14:4, and I must have noticed it before, because it was already underlined in my Bible. :)  Here it is in the King James...

"But his father and mother knew not that it was of the Lord;"

The verse comes toward the beginning of the account of Samson, when Samson tells his parents that he wants a foreign wife rather than a daughter of Israel.  His parents, of course, are heartbroken and I'm sure were wondering what they could have done differently.  This son who had been announced by God, separated to God from the womb, and had God's Spirit on him in power... how could he DO this?  "But his father and mother knew not that it was of the Lord;"  Over and over again these past few weeks... these past few months... these past few years... I've been reminded that I only see a small part of the picture.  Remember the story of Joseph being put in prison - unjustly accused by Potiphar's wife?  From the vantage point of years, we see how God was working, preparing the way for Joseph to become second in command in Egypt and save his people from starvation during a horrendous famine.  But Joseph didn't know the end of the story when he was in prison.  For years and years all he could do was trust God and  be faithful.  It was of the Lord.

Whether life is bright and rosy or whether things start to look bleak around you, friend, remember to trust God and be faithful.  The Lord is in control!!

May you be blessed this week as you seek to be a blessing!


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Cory said...

Thank you for sharing what the Lord put on your heart. I am going to memorize this verse. Our middle son (young adult) has been created with a challenging personality. He has no friends, several health problems and lacks confidence to make his way on his own in the world. My husband and I talk, pray, encourage, read, seek counsel, etc. Last night, after a difficult weekend with him, I really felt discouraged with God and his compassion and work in people's lives. I laid in bed angry and frustrated. Tonight I will meditate on this, "But his father and mother knew not that it was of the Lord;" Thanks again.