Monday, September 23, 2013

Happy Monday - Back to Basics

It's football season again, which to me betokens special times to sit with my husband and enjoy long stretches of cross stitch. : )  He's happy because I'm spending time enjoying something that he enjoys, and I'm happy because I have time set aside to work on a project and be with him at the same time.

One of the things I hear every year during football season is... "This team has spent the off-season working on the fundamentals of the game and you can really see that in their tackling", or, for a team that seems to be self-destructing, "This team needs to get back to the basics of the game."

"Getting back to basics" can be the difference between a solid football team that wins games, and a team that might do a lot of things right, but can't quite put together a winning season.  They are the monotonous things that the players need to do again and again and again to win the game.

How are you doing on the basics?

Sometimes the basics might mean turning from the lure of the computer and reaching for the familiar comforts of a pen and paper to plan your days.

Sometimes it may mean that you need to re-prioritize your hours.

Often it requires that you make a new commitment to  a regular quiet time with the Lord.

But it could also include making a weekly menu plan so you won't have to hit the drive-thru one more time.

Or making a conscious effort to get to bed earlier.

Or limiting your spending to stay within your budget.

It never ceases to amaze me how quickly neglecting the basics can sabotage my life.  I might be out of the house for one day, and think, "I can catch up tomorrow".  Then tomorrow comes with its own set of "must do's" and pretty soon I look like that football team that is having a bad day.  I feel like I need to fix all the worries and "do nows" and that I don't have time to do the basics.  And that is precisely the time I need to stop and refocus on Christ, and begin concentrating on the basics again.  One step at a time.

Do you feel like you need a refresher course in the basics?  Feel free to email me at gracewrks @ (no spaces, and remember there's no 'o' in gracewrks in the email address!) for a copy of our free ebooklets, Planning to be a Blessing, and The 28 Day Challenge.  We'd love to come alongside and help!!



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