Monday, October 7, 2013

Happy Monday - Thankful Thoughts

Hi everyone!

It's so fall-ish outside that I can't help but want to pull out my little box of fall decorations and work on making it warm and autumn-cozy in here!  Getting my autumn goodies out always makes me realize how close Thanksgiving is, too.  Here's a fun project that you might want to work on this year before Thanksgiving rolls around.  For the next few weeks keep a piece of paper handy and jot down anything that you are thankful for about the members of your family.   Maybe your son will take a shower without being prompted, or your husband will call "just because", or your daughter will work diligently on her homework, or.... whatever.  Then, the week before Thanksgiving, make or buy a card write out "Reasons I'm thankful for you!"  You could even print it out on the computer.  Wouldn't that be a fun gift to find beside their plate on Thanksgiving Day???

I'm off to finish my work so I can decorate.  Look for a newsletter soon!!



Today's Happy Monday Prompt : )

My favorite fall decoration is...

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Shirlee said...

That's a great idea Tricia!