Monday, October 28, 2013

Monday Musing - Going Well

Good morning!

I'm just dropping in quickly in between tasks today to leave you a little thought from a sermon I heard last week.  It might make you stop and think -- just like it did me.

God's definition of things "going well" is unique.

Isn't that true?  If someone asks me, "How are things going?"  I tend to respond in the negative...  "Well, except for my shoulder being out, I guess it is ok."  But in God's eyes, because my shoulder is out, things are still "going well".  My shoulder does not interfere with His plan, in fact He will use it in His plan for exactly the purpose it was meant for!

In our human-ness, we often look at the world around us and wonder if everything is out of control... if God still cares...  if God is still working.  And yet, in God's eyes, everything is going well.  We just don't see the full picture.

His definition of "going well" allows us to live by faith in the midst of confusing and perhaps painful circumstances.  We do not see the end result that He is orchestrating, but we can trust HIm and therefore all is well.

As I was writing this I was confronted by one of my very peeve-ist of pet peeves, and started to sigh in disgust, until it occurred to me that even that circumstance was placed in my life by design.  It's amazing the change that worked in my attitude immediately!  I pray it will encourage you as well!!



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Shirlee said...

Tricia ... What a beautiful post! Thank you so much for sharing!