Monday, December 16, 2013

Monday Musing - Poverty

"All poor men and humble, all lame men who stumble,
Come haste ye, nor feel ye afraid.

For Jesus our treasure, with love past all measure,
In lowly poor manger was laid.

Though wise men who found him laid rich gifts around him,
Yet oxen they gave him their hay.

And Jesus, in beauty, accepted their duty,
Contented in a manger He lay."
Poverty - a folk song

Isn't it wonderfully amazing that Christ could be content in every circumstance He found himself in here?  Not content with the state of those around Him... He constantly mourned over the people's hardness of heart - their absence of godly wisdom - their lack of love for the Father.  But He was content to be born, to be poor, to grow up under the authority of his parents, to live in obscurity for many years, to minister to many that were not rich and powerful, but who were sick and brokenhearted, to go from place to place even though there was always more to be done, to obey the Father, and to love us enough to die for us.

How convicting it is to me at this time of year to see Christ's calm contentment and compare it to my own demeanor.  He knew that the secret of a peaceful life didn't come from what His circumstances may be, but from depending on His Father IN those circumstances, and letting the Father work through Him as He wished.  How I would love to cultivate that poverty of spirit and dependence on the Father in my own life this coming year!

I pray that each of us might radiate Christ's contentment during this beautiful Christmas season.



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Shirlee said...

A beautiful post ... I totally agree! Thank you for sharing these words with us.