Monday, January 27, 2014

A Happy Happy Monday

Happy Monday everyone!

I got such a sweet surprise in the mail today!  I opened an envelope to find a cross-stitch chart that was on my wish list, and a card.  I felt SO loved!

And do you know what made it even more special to me?  The card was signed "A Sister in Christ".  Whomever sent this, (and I think I might know just who it was... you dear!) didn't do it for what she could get out of it.  It was just to be a blessing.  And it was -- It made my day!!!

Isn't that a wonderful example of what God wants each of us to do every day?  Maybe you don't have the money to send a gift, but every one of us can serve others, love others, and encourage others -- especially our brothers and sisters in Christ -- with no thought for reward or even for thanks!

Need some ideas?

Each of our Home Journal monthly calendars include a list of "Acts of Kindness, Words of Love" page, with 28 days of suggestions to jumpstart your creativity.  If you don't use the calendar, we also have a pack of twelve pages that you could use through the year or share with your friends.  

But you don't need the pages to be a blessing to others!  

Just take a moment right now and ask the Lord to show you one person who needs encouragement, or one task that would bless your family, and do whatever it is that He shows you to do.  And perhaps you could even do it as a secret.  Not a secret that focuses on self and how wonderful you are to do such a thing without even caring if you are thanked, but a secret that focuses on blessing others, like when you are planning a special surprise for Christmas and thinking about the joy it will bring to another.  
How fun! 

And blessing upon blessing??

...And thy Father which seeth in secret 
Himself shall reward thee openly.  (Matthew 6:4)

May you be blessed this week as you seek to be a blessing!!


Happy Monday prompt:  I like secrets because...

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