Monday, January 20, 2014

Grand Central

Hello!  And Happy Monday morning!

Well, I'm 18 of 20 on my dishes challenge.  I left two baking pans on the counter one night last week, and last night I left a few as well.  My "after supper" schedule was off and I couldn't catch up with myself!

Which makes today "catch-up" day!
As I'm looking through my notebook, I'm finding that I have a number of things that I keep transferring from page to page.  Many times they are things I need to remember, but don't need to do immediately because I'm waiting for something else to happen first.
It occurred to me that perhaps I need to reinstate my "Grand Central Station".  In other words, I need to start using some Simplicity or Keeping in Mind pages again to help corral those thoughts and keep them in one place!

I really like the petite Simplicity pages, because they have the blank area for my menu ideas on the side.  They also have a special spot for prayer requests, which is such a great reminder for me!  I think I will pull out a few of these pages and use them to record the things I really want to do for the week - and also use them as a basic weekly plan... writing down just appointments and things I need to remember, not necessarily my daily tasks.  

And, by the way, the Petite Simplicity pages actually go in your binder with the Simplicity Page on the right and the weekly page on the left! : )

We do have the Simplicity page in a classic size, as well, but if you need a Grand Central page without the week at a glance, another option is the Keeping in Mind page, below...

The classic sized Keeping in Mind page features lots of memory prompts as well, and I really like the "Long Term Task" section to help me remember those, I can't do this right now, but need to remember it type things that we all have.

OK, I need to grab a couple of pages and then get back to work.  Thanks for stopping by today!!



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