Monday, February 3, 2014

A New Month


Isn't hard to realize that an entire month has come and gone in this new year?  Have you been working on a new habit this year, like I have?  I think that I have only missed doing my dishes at night four or five times this month, which has to be a record for me! I don't feel like I have it quite nailed down yet, but it's close!

Another thing that I've worked on for the past month is a household account book.  I have written done any money that has come in or gone out of any of our personal accounts... household, paypal, cash, credit -- Every evening I sit down and write out what I spent and why.  It has been quite revealing.  I think there was only one day last month that I didn't have anything to write down, even if it was only $2.00 change from the change jar to have a cup of coffee with a friend.

I've been really thankful that I have everything written down for a few reasons.  First, it helps me realize how easy it is to overspend.  When I see my cash balance dwindling in writing it keeps me more conscious of my spending.  It has also helped me when I look at my bank statement and I can't remember at all who the check was from that I deposited, or why I transferred money.  I can just look at that date in my book and find it out.  And, I can also keep track of money spent on crafts or dining out or extra shopping by highlighting them during the month.  I think I'd like to make a little month by month list of totals.  It would be interesting!

So what next step shall I add this month?  I think it will be drinking more water.  It is so good for me and I tend to forget about it.  I'm going to start easy, so I think my first goal will be 32 oz a day ... for a week or so.  I'd love to get it up higher than that, but I also want a goal that is attainable!!

How about you?  Are you working on any helpful habits?  Don't give up!  Let's encourage each other forward as sisters in Christ!!



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