Sunday, February 23, 2014

Happy Monday - Faith

Good morning!

I was reading some poems to my Mom the other day as she lay in bed, and I ran across this gem.  What precious words of grace and comfort to begin our week!

I know not what may befall me;
God tenderly shades my eyes;
And so each step in my onward path
He makes new scenes arise;
and every joy He send me comes 
As a sweet and strange surprise.

I see not a step before me,
Yet I journey without a fear:
The past is still in God's keeping;
The future His mercy will clear;
And what looks dark in the distance 
May brighten as I draw near.

For perhaps the dreaded future
Has less bitter than I think:
The Lord may sweeten the waters
Before I stoop to drink:
Or, if Marah must still be Marah,
He will stand beside the brink.

Then it may be He has waiting 
For the coming of my feet
Some gift of such rare blessedness,
Some joy so passing sweet,
That my lips shall only tremble
With the thanks they cannot repeat.

I journey on not knowing:
I would not, if I might:
I would rather walk in the dark with God
Than walk alone in the light:
I would rather walk with Him by faith,
Than walk alone by sight.


- author unknown -


Your Happy Monday** prompt:
Something that has happened this past week that makes me want to sing praise to God is...

** Here's the Happy Monday Journal in a nutshell.  Designate a notebook, journal or section of your planner as your Happy Monday Journal.  Each Monday, write in the date and one blessing, memory or lesson from the past week.  That's it.  Just think what a treasure that would be at the end of the year!  To be able to look back and remember.  Remember blessings from the Lord, remember special verses He gave you, remember lessons that you learned, remember special times and places.  Of course you are welcome to add more - maybe a picture, or a note?  Maybe a pressed flower petal or a ticket to a Symphony Concert!  However little or much you choose to add, you will have a weekly reminder of the goodness of God in your life.


Shirlee said...

A very beautiful & insightful poem! Thank you for sharing : )

CherylQuilts said...

Oh, what a beautiful poem...I cherish the words! Thank you for blessing me with this beautiful blog...thank you for your encouragement and wonderful Happy Monday prompts!