Wednesday, March 26, 2014

A Timely Tip - Food in my Freezer

Do you ever lose things in your freezer?  Forget they are there?  Forget to take them out to thaw?  Have trouble deciding on menus?

Start a "Food in my Freezer" section in your notebook!

Here's how to begin...

1.  Schedule a morning to clean out the freezer above your refrigerator.

2.  This shouldn't take long, so, for now just set the food on your (already cleaned) kitchen counter.

3.  Wipe out your freezer.

4.  Toss any frozen food that is unrecognizable, freezer burned, or otherwise inedible. : )

5.  Start a page for each type of food in your planner... meat, dairy, vegetables, fruits, breads.

6.  Jot down each food as you place it back in the freezer.  Be sure to mark "cooked" or "uncooked" by the meats, and the specific kinds and amounts of veggies or fruit.

7.  As you use a food from your list cross it off.  If you add something to your freezer, add it to your list.

Now when you look ahead to add things to your menus, you can check your Food in the Freezer list and see what is available!  I'm off to make a section for my refrigerator, too! 


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