Wednesday, March 19, 2014

Building a Planner {that Works} - Adding Color

My "Building a Planner" tip for today is a simple one...

Add Color

Use colored pens for different categories of tasks, or different children's schedules.

Use highlighters to mark your daily "must do's", or to cross out your tasks when they are completed.

Fill a zippered pouch with some colorful Post-It notes and flags, to mark your pages.

Add dates or designs to your pages with rubber stamps.

Switch out your basic tab set with a full-color version that makes you smile.

It has been my experience that color can affect my mood and my inclination to actually do what I have listed.  Having some pale blue snowflakes stamped on my pages made me feel serene and cozy during the winter.  On a gloomy, rainy, sleet-y day like today, having my list written in orange encourages me to keep going despite my inclination to curl up in a corner and nap until the sun comes out again! : )  Color can be a great encourager!!

Are there any other ways that you use color in your planner?  I'd love to hear them!



1 comment:

cosmicteacher said...

I love to use seasonal stickers and Washi tape to my planner!! Love your planner tips.