Friday, March 7, 2014

Building a Planner (that Works) - Step Two - Tab Sets

Building a planner can be so overwhelming, can't it?  You browse through the store or read Planning to be a Blessing and there are scads of pages that look just right.  How do you choose?  Join us as we continue in the Building a Planner (that Works) series here on the blog!


I think the first mistake that we make when building a planner is that we think too broadly and try to fit every type of page into one binder.  I've tried this approach again and again, and it has never worked for me yet.  You'd think I would learn!  So Step Two of building a planner is ...

 Decide the main function of the planner you are building.  

Remember, you can have more than one binder!

Do you need a calendar-based planner to keep track of housekeeping tasks, daily appointments and projects?

Would you like a devotional notebook to keep your Bible Study notes, prayer requests and ministry ideas together?

Would a gift and correspondence notebook be helpful with a list of gift ideas, some notepaper, your holiday planner and a pocket for stamps, envelopes and receipts?

What about a recipe book, an idea notebook, a storage binder for extra pages, or a notebook for your homeschooling goals and lesson plans?  There are so many options!

With all the wonderful pages that GraceWorks carries, we sometimes forget about the lovely accessories that are available to personalize your planner and make it uniquely your own.  One of my favorites is our line of beautiful full-color tab sets in both the classic and petite sizes.

Keepsake, Pink Roses, Geranium Cover Sheets (Petite) 

Garden House, Sheep Hear my Voice, Flag Cover Sheets (Petite)

Each tab set is printed with a beautiful full color cover sheet and five full color tabs.  Besides the beauty of the tabs themselves, one of the nicest things about them is that they come with a sheet of stickers, some of which are preprinted with Categories and others that are clear for you to personalize.  That way you'll have the perfect stickers no matter which type of notebook you choose to construct!

Here are some category ideas for some of the notebooks we mentioned above...

For a basic calendar/planner - Purpose, Calendar, Planning Ahead, Remember, My Place

For a correspondence / gift notebook - Papers, Address/Phone, Family, Christmas, Budget

For a recipe book - Menu, Shopping, Appetizers, Breads, Meat Dishes, Chicken Dishes, Side Dishes, Casseroles, Desserts, Miscellaneous  (You might need two tab sets for this!)

For a devotional journal - Devotions, Prayer, Journal, Sermon, Bible Study, Memory Verses, Ministry

For an idea notebook - Goals, Projects, Purpose, Planning Ahead, Business

Isn't that FUN???  All of those options right at your fingertips!

Oh, and as an extra treat, there are two of each label!  You can either use them for two different notebooks, or use one on either side of the tab, so it is labeled both front and back., which is really
 helpful when you are flipping from the back of your binder to the front.  : )

I hope you'll enjoy "keeping tabs" on things!



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