Monday, March 24, 2014

Monday Musing - Praying for the Men in Our Lives

I was reading in Titus 1 this morning - a section that I usually read through as "not really applying to me" because I'm always aiming for Titus 2 and its description of a godly woman.  Today, though, the Lord impressed me with the fact that Titus 1 has a wonderful list of things to pray for our husbands and sons as they seek to follow the Lord and become men of God.  I noticed things like...

- Being a man of integrity
- Training his children well
- Having a godly wife (I need to be that woman!!)
- Being blameless in behavior, not self-willed or arrogant
- Not being quick-tempered or violent
- Not given to drink
- Not greedy or ruled by money

- Having a love to meet other's needs and minister to them with gladness
- Choosing good friends
- Being thoughtful and sensible
- Being fair
- Being a devout man who enjoys what is good and holy
- Being self-controlled
- Being a lover of God's Word so his conversations are instructive and not empty

Isn't that a fantastic list of prayer requests?  So much better than the more ambiguous, "Please bless him and help Him to love you more.", and such a precious way to live out our role of being a helpmeet to our husband and a loving mother to our sons... both young and old.

May you be blessed as you seek to be a blessing this week!


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Simply Victoria said...

Thanks for sharing this way to view Titus 1! It's a great way to pray for our men.

Shirlee said...

A beautiful list to pray for our husbands ... & for us : )