Saturday, April 19, 2014

{Building a Planner that Works} The Beautiful Life Management System in Order

Have you ever looked at your Beautiful Life Management pages and wondered what to do first?  I have!  I am the type of person who likes to start at the top of the list and work down, but the BLM system has LOTS of lists.  Let's see if I can help!

Every potential task has a timeframe, either specific or general. Using a sorting pattern based on the "Getting Things Done" book by David Allen (which you should be able to find at your local library!), we're going assume our categories are Daily, Now, Next, Soon, Later, Someday.  How does that translate into our Beautiful Life Management pages??

Let's take a look!

#! - DAILY - These are the First Things First of the 28 Day Challenge... the things that are important for me to do each morning.  During this time I get up, dressed, have breakfast, read my Bible, gather for today's events (listed below the daily housekeeping suggestions), pick up, and check my calendar and Keeping In Mind page.

#2 - NOW - You may choose to give this section lower priority, but I find that if I put this section off it doesn't get done.

#3 - NEXT - For some reason it always bothered my brain that there were circles here instead of squares... don't ask me why.  But I've found that circles are PERFECT for numbering the things I need to do in order of importance.  That way, even though I may not be doing them in the order they are listed on the sheet, I am doing them in numerical order, which makes sense to me. : )

Now let's turn to the Keeping in Mind page.

Most of the things on this page fall into the #4 - SOON - category.  When you check your Keeper each morning, you can see if any of these tasks need to be moved to NEXT status on the Daily page.

For example...

Writing the card for Grandma's birthday was moved to the Daily page., and I had made the Dr. Appt earlier in the week, so it was crossed out.  Sometimes only the next step of your "Soon" tasks will be able to be moved forward.  For example, you might add "Freeze an extra pizza for Smith's" to your daily list.  You are making pizza for supper and could work on one of your "soon" projects at the same time.

#5 - LATER
I love the clarity that following this sorting pattern gives to the Short and Long Term sections of this page!  Long-term projects are tasks that need to be done later.  They may have a specific time frame attached, but they aren't something that needs to be dealt with immediately.  They may include things like:

Order tickets to basketball game when they go on sale. 
Plan the ladies luncheon next June, 
Cell Phone contract expires in August.

As the time gets closer you can move them to the Soon designation, but for right now you are waiting.  The blank notepaper included in your Beautiful Life Management Starter Set would be perfect if your list overflows its space constraints!


The back of the Keeping in Mind page is perfect for your Someday list.  Jot anything down here that comes to mind, but isn't going to fit into your schedule just now... 

Go to Europe
Learn Spanish
Frame my finished cross stitch piece.
Open an Etsy Shoppe
Redecorate the bedroom

As you review your planner each week, month and year, you can determine if these Somedays should stay on the list, be moved to the Soon or Later lists, or perhaps you'll find that your interests have changed and they can be dropped from the list entirely.  You may want to start a running list on some Lined Notepaper and transfer new Someday's to the list when you change Keeping in Mind pages. 

I hope this will help you make the most of your Beautiful Life Management page!



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