Monday, May 5, 2014

{Happy Monday} Whatever you are...

"Whatever you are, be a good one" -- Abraham Lincoln

I have worn many "hats" in my life - daughter, student, actor, 4-H member, choir member, band member, Sunday School teacher, wife, mother, family taxi driver, secretary, cleaning lady, homemaker, homeschooler, baseball scorekeeper, card designer, needleworker, scrapbooker, page designer, poem writer, comforter, friend, caregiver...  I'm sure the list could go on and on for each of us.  And while I have often been reminded that whatever I do needs to be done with excellence, I don't remember being told too often that excellence without godliness is of no value.  As I get older, though, I'm realizing that I'd rather be known for displaying the fruits of the Spirit in my life, even more than being especially proficient in an area.  In other words, I would rather be "good", as in godly, than "good" as in excellent.  

There are a number of fellow Christians that I can think of that radiate love,  joy, and peace.  They are characterized by their patience, their self-control, their gentleness, their faithfulness... their goodness, more than by any talents they might posses.  And because of their sweet character, their talents, however humble, are appreciated.

There are also some that may be excellent in their field, but are cold and unfeeling toward others.  Picture a businesswoman who may be at the top of her profession, but who has risen there by becoming hard, rather than gentle, cynical rather than joyful, demanding rather than patient, and has reaped the harvest of stress instead of peace.

Which are you?

I'm going to be taking stock of myself this week to see where I need to repent and refocus.  It is so easy to place the importance on what I'm doing - cleaning the house, fixing meals, helping at church, taking care of the children, etc - rather than keeping my heart pure before God and letting His grace overflow through me into the lives of others.

May we each plan to be a blessing this week!


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Shirlee said...

Lovely thoughts with which I agree. It's better to be good as in godly rather than good as in excellent.