Monday, June 2, 2014

New Product and Shop Info!

I am so thrilled to be able to introduce the Beautiful Life Management - Day by Day Edition pages today!  Let's take a look!

(The pages won't have the orange watermark... that is just to keep them safe online!)

What's New?
* Dated Pages
* Simplified Design
* New Fonts & Colors
* Daily Tasks Assigned to Suggested Day
Most of these are from the BLM pages... but some are new and a few are missing...
* Available for Instant Download!

Yes, that's right -- Instant Download!  

I know it can be hard to wait for me to email you the downloadable pages that you have purchased, so we have opened an Etsy shoppe to house all of the designs we print "in-house", as well as our downloadable designs, and any other homemade goodies we can think of.  The blessing is that the downloadable pages will now be available to you immediately after payment.  Isn't that wonderful!   

  * PLUS - each month includes a one-page monthly calendar!

I hope to have the two page calendar available in the new font soon, (print version only), and I will be working on a full year of Day by Day pages, but for those of you waiting impatiently, you can purchase the downloadable version of the Day by Day pages (including the one page monthly calendar) for the month of June right now in the Etsy shoppe for only $2.50!  

Here's the link to the shop...

The Day by Day pages are sized to be printed at home on printer paper cut in half.  (5.5" x 8.5")  You will need to have access to a punch that will work with your chosen binder, but if that is a problem,  we will also offer the option of having the pages printed "in house" and shipped to you.  Feel free to email me if you need this option and it isn't available on the shop yet!

The Etsy shoppe looks pretty sparse at the moment, but we plan to continue stocking it with goodies over the next few days and weeks.  Some of the things you will find will include handmade Scripture greeting cards, and the full-size Home Journal line.

This is new to us, so thank you in advance for your encouragement and patience as we work out any bugs that may come up.  if you have any questions, or problems be sure to let us know.  And watch the blog and newsletter for new additions!!


Grace Mieczkowski said...

Looks great! One comment on the Etsy listing - when I click "Zoom" to enlarge the picture, the popup that comes up isn't really a larger view. I'm not sure if that is due to the picture size, or even if it might be a problem on my end, but I wanted to mention it :) Of course, if someone had access to the blog, there's a nice close-up there!

God bless!

Chirmis Hernandez said...

You are not having the option of buying them already printed from you? That is disappointing I don't have a printer.