Monday, September 8, 2014

{Happy Monday} A Place of Quiet Rest

Hello friends!

I'm back in spring fall cleaning mode here. : )  Saturday found me taking EVERYTHING out of my bedroom and cleaning and organizing, then putting only the essentials back in.  The rest is still in the living room and hallway, and I'm sorry to say that there is more there than there should be!!  My question to myself is, "If I have all the essentials, some beauty, and a little more in my room as it is, why do I have all the rest of this??"  There will be some definite purging going on here!!

I'm aiming to do the same thing to my desk this week, and reorganize my drawers and office area to better reflect the things I concentrate on in this area.  I'm trying to make my home a "place of quiet rest" again, which is something I feel I've lost over the past two years as I've just done the essentials while having Mom's care uppermost on my mind.  Now, as the seasons of life and seasons of the year change again, it is time to step back and refocus my heart on my home, making it a haven for my family for the winter to come.

Here are some questions I'm going to be asking myself...

Why am I keeping this?

If I "might use this someday" - Have I used it in the past two years?  WHEN will I use it? Is there something I have that I could use instead? Could I purchase a replacement for a reasonable amount IF I needed it?

If I "don't know how to get rid of it" - Can it be donated?  Can it be tossed?  Should I put it on Ebay?

If "someone gave it to me" - hmmm.... this is a really hard one.  I do have some people I would offend it I give away something they gave me.  I will still probably box it up. :)

If "I spent a lot of money on it" - Then I need to bless someone else with it!

If "It makes me smile" - Great!  But do I need multiples?  Do I have a place for it? Could I just take a picture? Crafts fall in this category...  that might be a blog post on its own!

I find myself often indecisive as to what to toss, but not as indecisive about the essentials I need, that's why it is easier for me to take everything out of a room or area and only put back my top choices.  This doesn't work for everyone, because it creates quite a mess while you deal with the "leftovers" - but it helps me see that God has provided all that I NEED.  And it helps me loosen my grip on some of the other things I have acquired, when I realize that I truly already have enough.  And that when I do actually NEED anything else, the Lord will provide.  That is such an obvious concept in writing, but it is much harder for me when I'm looking at an object and thinking about getting rid of it!

So, how about you?  Are you a born organizer/declutterer?  What questions do you use to help you decide whether to give away or keep an item?  I'd love to hear your ideas! :)



Here's your Happy Monday prompt today:  "A time that the Lord provided what I needed was..."

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