Monday, September 15, 2014

{Happy Monday} This Week

Hello friends!

Are you struggling to get going this morning?  Not sure where to start, or how to get back on track?  After my quiet time this morning I took some time with my planner and planned out the week ahead... appointments, events, meals, and blog posts on my stamping and stitching blogs.  And since today will be busy, I even pulled out a Classic Home Journal Daily sheet and mapped out my day hour by hour.  

Are you trying to decide which pages might work best for you?  Drop by the store for a free copy of Planning to be a Blessing, our "Getting Started or Restarted" guide.  Sometimes you just need a little encouragement, or to hear how someone else manages their home and their time, to inspire you and show you something you may (or may not!) want to try.  It also includes a description of most of the pages that we carry, although I don't think it has been updated with some of the Classic Home Journal and Day by Day line yet. 

Let's make this fall a fresh start, and plan to be a blessing to others together!

Happy Monday!


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