Thursday, September 4, 2014

Little Acts of Kindness

Good morning -- err, afternoon! :)

I was standing at the kitchen counter this morning, punching some Acts of Kindness pages for an order and reflecting on how lax I had gotten in reaching out to others in this way.   I stood there wishing that I had a central place to record the dates I did certain things on the list, and to encourage me to reach out to others more faithfully.  Then - DING - a lightbulb moment!  I do have some pages that could be used for that!

The Whimsical line Encouragement pages were designed for students to keep track of their ministry to others, both in prayer and in deed.  They have an area on the top to fill in a specific person and their greatest need, but they could be used to simply keep a running list of Acts of Kindness and corresponding prayer requests.  For example, let's say I hear that one of my friends was going in for exploratory surgery and they were afraid it might be cancer.  I can easily say, "I'm praying for you" and say a quick prayer for God's mercy and grace and strength in their life.  But wouldn't it be an extra encouragement to them if I took the time to put an action to that prayer and wrote them a note, or took them a meal the night of their appointment, or called them to tell them I care, or dropped off a little gift?  I love that these pages remind me to do just that!  The vertical action of prayer and the horizontal action to being a blessing to others.

The double-sided Whimsical Encouragement pages are only 3 hole punched, but they can be 7 hole or Circa/Arc punched on request (it might make the holes a little messy... :) )  Or what about a stand-alone Acts of Kindness notebook? A translucent 3-ring classic-sized binder, a set of Acts of Kindness pages, and some Encouragement sheets...  what a perfect way to start the fall season!!

Have a blessed day!


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