Monday, October 13, 2014

{Happy Monday} Children's Stories

Just a quick "hello" this morning, before I head off for some Columbus Day fun.  No mail days were usually homeschool holidays for us, and I've sort of kept the habit! :)  I just wanted to share a note this morning about a little treasure trove of children's stories that I've just discovered, though perhaps you've already found them yourselves!

One of the children's classics that I never read growing up was "Heidi" by Johanna Spyri. Perhaps because I had watched the movie and never really enjoyed it.  I thought the movie was pointless, and I couldn't figure out how the story had become a classic.  A month or so ago, though, I picked up the Heidi audiobook read by Johanna Ward, and was amazed at the depth of godly wisdom that the book held that, regrettably, the movie had discarded.  I went on and found a number of other titles written by the same author and I have been enjoying them when I have a minute to spare here and there.  Each one teaches the central lesson of trusting God, even in the midst of trying circumstances.  They teach the value of hard work done with a good attitude.  The importance of telling the truth.  What it means to be God-fearing.  The blessings of obedience.

Are you looking for a story to read to your children today?  Let me suggest Moni, the Goat-Boy.  I think you'll enjoy it!!

Here's your Happy Monday prompt for today...

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Dianne Long said...

Hi, Tricia! Thankfully, I had read HEIDI before it was turned into a movie. My grandmother (Norwegian) bought the book for me for a birthday present. I loved the book and it is still in my home and I read it to my grandchildren.

The lessons learned in those "old" books are the ones that today's youth can use -- more so than anything Disney or anyone else is marketing today.

We have little chance of changing the world, but we can change the minds of the children we have contact with. My children were all adopted and some damage had been done to them before they got here. My "job" was to give them love, purpose, and introduce them to God. Their lessons began with those old books.. Then we moved into the Bible. Today, all of them are fine upstanding adults who know the Lord and live honest, moral lives. I am proud of them. It is now my pleasure to teach their children...

Thank you for prompting these wonderful memories.

Dianne Long