Monday, October 6, 2014

{Happy Monday} Memories

Good morning, friends!

The cool temperatures and crisp fall air, combined with the falling leaves and glorious autumn colors are reminding me of years past, when my entire yard was covered ankle deep with red and yellow oak and maple leaves.  It also reminds me of the aching back I had after raking and bagging said leaves by hand!! :)  Isn't it amazing how our mind works?  How one smell or word or sight can stir up so many memories?  My daughter has kept a Gratitude Journal for over five years now, and she has mentioned that by just opening a page and reading a day's entry of five things she was thankful for that day, she can usually remember the day very well.  That is one of the most special things about my Bible reading, I think.  I can read certain verses and remember specific occasions when God used that verse in a special way in my life.

This week on the blog, we are going to explore some ways that you can save some of those memories.  Pleasant memories like children playing, cookies baking, homeschooling, taking the 28 Day Challenge, and having special dates with our husbands, and even not so pleasant memories like sicknesses, struggles, and bad weather.  All of these things shape our lives as we seek to respond to them graciously.  We'll talk about ways to remember special quotes and Bible verses, too...  something that has been a great encouragement to me over the past few years!

For today - don't forget your Happy Monday Journal!  By just jotting down the answer to each week's prompt you'll be painting a picture of your life that will be so interesting to look back on later!  Add in a picture or two of your week and you will have a fun snapshot of your year with relatively little exertion.   With that in mind, here's this week's prompt...

Something that I have a hard time remembering is...

Have a blessed week!  See you back here on Wednesday!


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