Friday, October 3, 2014

Marvelous Mini Sets - Devotional and Friendship

Hello again!

I'm back today as promised to show you the last two mini sets that we currently have in the store - Devotional and Friendship.  At just $5.00 per set, I love the fact that you can have an assortment of useful pages at your fingertips and not break your budget!  Be sure to read to the bottom of the post for this month's special offer!!

The Mini Friendship Set is a perfect addition to your planner, allowing you to jot a quick note while waiting at a doctor's appointment or school sporting event.  It includes some pages for keeping important addresses and phone numbers with  you, an assortment of pretty notepaper and notecards, two prayer journal pages to write down important prayer requests, and a scrapbook page to keep pictures of your friends and family with you in your planner, or to use as a divider.

Here's the list...

3 Address/Phone Refill pages
10 Friendship Stationary pages
10 Songbird Stationary pages
2 Prayer Journal pages
3 Notecards 
1 Scrapbook Page (design may vary)

A perfect addition to this set would be a pen, some envelopes and a book of stamps in a 1 or 2 Pocket Vinyl Pouch.  You would be all set!!

The last set I have to share with you is designed to encourage you in your devotional and Bible Study time.  The Devotional Mini Set  is filled with pages that will allow you to keep your Sermon notes, your devotional notes and your Bible Study notes together and readily accessible.  Inside you'll find some Abiding in Christ pages (one of my favorites!) that provide morning and evening accountability, Bible Study pages for personal or group settings, pages for sermon notes, colored lined notepaper with Scripture for journaling, pages to help structure ministry with others, and a tab set to organize the devotional section of your binder.

6 Abiding in Christ
4 Bible Study
4 Sermon/Speaker Notes
2 Blue Promise Pack pages
2 Purple Promise Pack pages
4 Pillars of Truth
3 Meaningful Ministry
1 Growth and Ministry tab set

So which are your favorites?  Don't forget to think ahead to birthdays and Christmas.  A pretty binder and a Mini Set or two would make an inexpensive but heartfelt and useful gift.  And, don't forget, for the month of October, you can receive a FREE mini set with every order of $50.00 or more (before shipping and tax).  Let us choose, or request your favorite in the comment box as you check out.

Have a blessed weekend!


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