Wednesday, October 1, 2014

Marvelous Mini Sets - Educational, Growing in Grace, Household

Hello friends!

Have you been to the store lately and seen the new mini sets?  They are for people like me who would like to try a little bit of everything. : )  We have five different sets available that cover a number of different themes... Educational, Devotional, Household, Friendship and Growing in Grace.  Let's take a look at three of them today and we'll save the other two for Friday so this post isn't too long. : )  And be sure to page to the bottom of this post for this month's SPECIAL OFFER!

In the Educational Mini set you'll find a page to keep track of Educational Goals that you have for the year, a page to track grades, 20 weeks worth of lesson plan pages, 2 pages of perforated encouragement/reward notes to send to your child for a job well done, 2 pages to track important milestones, 4 journal pages to record your thoughts and prayers during the year, or for a fun back and forth writing project between teacher and student, and an Educational Tab set with 4 preprinted tabs (Labeled: OBJECTIVES, LESSONS, RECORDS, TREASURES) all for only $5.00!  What a great chance to try out some pages, update your binder, or give as a gift!!

The Grow in Grace Mini Set is another wonderful gift idea.  Many of us start the new year by making goals or resolutions.  And, more often than not, they include healthier eating, more exercise, and improving our character.  The Grow in Grace set will be a perfect way to track your progress in these areas!  Included you'll find 6 Journal of Inner Beauty pages to journal your chosen "word of the year" or character quality, 8 Quiet Time Journal pages to encourage you to be in God's Word, 4 Scripture Memory pages - perfect for meditating on verses about your chosen word or character quality, 4 Exercise and Nutrition pages to help you "grow in grace" physically, 4 colored Promise Pack pages to journal your progress, and a Scrapbook page... just to be pretty. : )  You can also use it to separate out the Grow in Grace section in your binder.  And while it would be a wonderful way to start the year, it might be a wonderful way to end  it as well!!

The Household Mini Set contains a smattering of a number of our household management pages, so you can try a wide variety of them for a small price. :)  They would also be a great addition to the Holiday Planner section of your notebook!  In this set you'll receive 4 Menu Planners (8 weeks), 4 Narrow Shopping Lists for quick trips to the store, 8 Things to Do pages, 8 Itemized Shopping Lists for larger trips - they even include an area for non-grocery items - 2 Full Color Recipe Cards for your binder, to keep important recipes near at hand, and 4 Household Organizer pages to help you keep track of household to-dos, assign chores, or track Christmas presents!

Each of these sets are only $5.00 and there are even two more sets available that we will look at on Friday.  And, for the month of October, you can receive a FREE mini set with every order of $50.00 or more (before shipping and tax).  Let us choose, or request your favorite in the comment box as you check out.  Are you ready to spruce up your planner today?  You can find them HERE in the store!!

Have a wonderful day!

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