Wednesday, October 8, 2014

The Art of Remembering

Remember:  to bring to mind or think of again; to keep in mind for attention or consideration; to retain in the memory; to convey greetings 

Look!  That's GraceWorks mission in a nutshell.  To help you keep things in mind that need attention or consideration, to encourage you to retain God's Word in your memory, to provide tools for you to convey greetings to others, and, yes, to help you bring things to mind or think of them again.  

So how can we remember those daily things that happen - the ones that are mundane and the ones that are life-changing - and record them to look at later?  Let me give you a number of ideas!

1.  3x5 cards - The small size of a 3x5 card gives you permission to just jot down a sentence about your day, or a few things that you were grateful for.  Use a different color card for each year and store them in the box with the cards for the same month/year together, and you'll be able to look back and see what happened on that date the year before!

2.  Journal Pages - The classic journal pages are very straightforward, and give you just enough room to jot down a few words about your day.  Tuck a few journal pages in your daily planner for accessibility and then transfer them to a storage binder for the long term.

3.  A Gratitude Journal - Entire books have been written about the art of thankfulness and how to train ourselves to see things through the lens of gratefulness.  A gratitude journal can be as simple as a running list on Note Paper of things that you are thankful for, or it can be its own little notebook or section of your planner with daily entries that focus on what is praiseworthy in each day.

4.  Memories to Keep Pages - The Memories to Keep Pages are specially designed pages that give you a place to record those precious, spontaneous child moments, with sections for the date, individual(s), and memory or event.  Perhaps you'll want to jot down a milestone - the first smile, first lost tooth, first day of school; or maybe it will be a funny story or saying.  These pages are wonderful to have in your planner so you have a place to capture them immediately, before the busy-ness of the day puts them out of your head.

5.  Abiding in Christ Pages - The Abiding in Christ pages give you two opportunities to journal about your day.  On the front of the page, you can jot down a thought as you read the Scripture in your quiet time.  Then, as the day winds down, turn to the back of the page and jot down a thought or two about each area of your life as prompted... Spiritual, Relationships, Work/Enrichment, Mercy/Blessing. 

... and come back Friday for another full-color option!!

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