Monday, December 1, 2014

{Happy Monday} It's Here!

It's Here, It's Here!  The start of the Advent season and the beginning of December!   What an opportunity this time of year is to grow deeper in the hope of Christ's return, in the love of God and others, in the joy of obeying God's Word, and in the peace that the bustle and uncertainty of the world cannot touch.  What a time to truly soak in the miracle of His birth.   Mary's unhesitating obedience and trust.  Christ's glory veiled in humility.  Joseph's unwavering steadiness in protecting those entrusted to his care.  

But how easy it is instead to focus only on the present (or the presents) rather than hoping for the future.; to be short tempered and stressed rather than displaying Christian love; to neglect time in God's Word for extra Christmas movies; and to find ourselves running so fast to try to get it all done, that we just wish it would "all be over" so we can have some peace.

I challenge us all to approach this Christmas season differently.  Begin your day in God's Word and purpose to be obedient like Mary.  Practice the humility of Christ in your family, your church family, and among those you come into contact with.  Let Joseph's peaceful steadiness be your goal and temper the frantic pace of the world with thoughtful, purposeful steps that are directed by God's Spirit.

May we each be a blessing this Advent Season!


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