Saturday, January 31, 2015

{Home Bless-A-Thon} Week Five

We start a new month this week - isn't that amazing?  I always love the month of February because it seems like Spring will be here soon.  Plus there is something about hearts and candy that just have to put a smile on my face!! : )

Here are our challenges for this week, drawn from the Weekly Home Journal and Monthly Home Blessing pages in our Classic Home Journal line. Ready?


First, let's do our weekly review.  I'm going to:

1.  Read through the goals I've set for the month/quarter/year and then make some notes of things I would like to be reminded of this coming week.  

** Don't forget Valentine's Day is coming up!  Children, husbands, friends and parents all love to be remembered! **

2. Transfer any appointments or special reminders on my monthly calendar to my weekly pages. 

3.  Bring forward any unfinished to do's to a new "To Do This Week" list.

4. Look through my menus for the upcoming week and jot down when to take out meat, make things ahead, etc.

5.  Remind myself of my saving and spending goals. 

5. Schedule time to work on this week's Monthly Home Blessings.

Week Five

This week we start working in our bathrooms.  My small bathroom has turned into a catchall room, so I may be spending this week just decluttering, but I would also like to...

* Sweep down cobwebs.  Be sure to look UP toward the ceiling and in all the corners!

Wash the light fixture.  Change lightbulbs if necessary.  It will be so much brighter in there!

Wash the walls.  

** I'm also going to put on my schedule to work on quilting a quilt that I had made to hang on the wall in the bathroom, but never completed it.  I might try to make a quilted topper for the top of the dryer, as well.  Just some little things to make it look more loved and less like the catch-all room that it has become. **

Thanks so much for joining me on my journey this year!


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