Saturday, January 3, 2015

{Home Bless-a-Thon} Week One

Hello friends!

I love the holidays, but I am ready to get started on my year, aren't you?  It always feels so good to get back on schedule, to start working on the new habits that I would like to build and the new projects I would like to undertake in the new year.

Since one of my personal projects this year is to concentrate on making my home a peaceful spot, I am going to be posting some challenges for myself each Saturday, drawn from the Weekly Home Journal and Monthly Home Blessing pages in our Classic Home Journal line.  You are welcome to join me!


First, let's do our weekly review.  For me that will include:

1.  Reading through the goals I've set for the month/quarter/year and then making notes of things I would like to be reminded of this week.

2. Transferring any appointments or special reminders on my monthly calendar to my weekly pages.

3.  Bringing forward any unfinished to do's to a new "To Do This Week" list.

4. Looking through my menus for the upcoming week and jotting down when to take out meat, make things ahead, etc.

5.  Reminding myself of my saving and spending goals.

5. Scheduling time to work on this week's Monthly Home Blessings.

Week One

This week I will...

* Continue year end planning updates
* Write thank you notes
* Begin taking down Christmas decorations

Thanks so much for joining me on my journey this year!


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