Saturday, January 10, 2015

{Home Bless-A-Thon} - Week Two

Hello friends!

How have you done on your to-do list this week?  Were you able to get your planner in order?  (Don't forget that there is a sale on the Beautiful Life Management and Simplicity starter sets in the shop if you need an update!) Write a few thank you notes?  Take down any decorations?

DD and I spent yesterday afternoon taking down the Christmas tree and packing away the decorations until next year.  Then came the inevitable I-need-to-change-around-the-livingroom-itis, so today finds my house all cozy and back to normal-ish.  There's snow outside and it is brrrr-y cold and I'm ready to snuggle in for some winter cross-stitching after I get my work done for the day.  I love this time of year!!! : )

Here are our challenges for this week, drawn from the Weekly Home Journal and Monthly Home Blessing pages in our Classic Home Journal line. I hope you'll join me!


First, let's do our weekly review.  I'm going to:

1.  Read through the goals I've set for the month/quarter/year and then make some notes of things I would like to be reminded of this coming week.

2. Transfer any appointments or special reminders on my monthly calendar to my weekly pages.

3.  Bring forward any unfinished to do's to a new "To Do This Week" list.

4. Look through my menus for the upcoming week and jot down when to take out meat, make things ahead, etc.

5.  Remind myself of my saving and spending goals. *** I've done well so far, but it has only been a week!! :)

5. Schedule time to work on this week's Monthly Home Blessings.

Week Two

This week let's...

* Finish taking down Christmas decorations, if you haven't already
* Label file folders for the year's receipts (Or update your chosen records management system. You could also take time to shred and/or file last years papers!)
* Start gathering tax information - W-2's, receipts, property tax records, 
end of year home business records, etc.

Thanks so much for joining me on my journey this year!


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