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{Planning Forward} February

{Planning Forward} February
Good morning, friends!  Happy Monday! Are you ready to look forward to February with me?

I spent some time today with a Household Organizer sheet walking through my bathroom, which is the room we'll be concentrating on in our Monthly Home Blessings in the month of February.  I jotted down things that don't show up on the Home Blessing list for the month.  Things like "take clothes to Goodwill" ( There's quite a pile in there!), and "go through gloves, coats, shoes" since that bathroom is right near our back door and serves as a makeshift coat closet. : )  I'll talk more about the Monthly Home Blessings in Part II, but first let's go through our Monthly Reminders!

First let's look at our calendars.  Be sure that February's paydays are marked, along with any scheduled appointments or deadlines and special days.  Don't forget Valentine's Day!  Do you need any cards or presents?  Or to schedule a special date with your husband?  Mark that down now!!  Then schedule a day on your calendar early in the month to write all of your anniversary or birthday cards and/or wrap presents.  Don't wait until the week of, if you can help it!  Write a little "M" on the calendar a week or so before the special day, then make a note of the date and the card to mail on your Reminder Sheet.  If you get them out on that day you may be early, but if you happen to forget or miss the mail, you'll still have a day or two before you'll be late!! : )

Now look ahead to March.  Are there any special days that you will need to buy or make cards and/or presents?  Make a note of them on your Monthly Reminder sheet so you can pick them up this month.  You'll have everything all ready when Planning Day rolls around again!

Think ahead for the next three months.  Are there any appointments that you could make right now?  Haircuts, Pet Grooming, Car Maintenance, Dental visits... even Date Night!  Get them on the calendar now!

Next comes our spending and savings goals.  Do you need makeup?  Does Ted need a new pair of winter boots?  Is there a special missionary offering coming up in a few months at church?   Is there a sale on an item you have been watching?  Make your goals and then track your spending through the month to see how you did!

Finally there are practical Purpose Statement goals...

1.  What is your quiet time plan this month?  What passages will you read?  When?  How often?  Will you memorize any Scripture?  Read a devotional book?

2.  Which aspect of your character will you work on this month? Gratefulness?  Trust?  Replacing anger or irritation with patience and love?  What verse could help you?

3.  Which relationships will you focus in on this month?  Will you make time to have coffee with a friend?  Have a date with your husband or a special Mom and I time with a child?  How about making a meal for someone or writing a letter to a relative or missionary?

4.  How would you like to improve your home this month?  Do you need to wash the bathroom walls?  Or repaint them?  Maybe you need a new throw rug, or to clean out a closet.  Or even to remember to take out the recycling on the right day!

5.  What projects head your list for the next month?  Making a quilt?  Trying a new recipe? Researching honeybees?  What is the next step in each of those projects?

I'm always amazed at how much more I get done if I write it down.  Often I don't complete it all in one day, but if I look over the list regularly I really want to complete them so I can check off the little boxes!! :)

PART II of the post today is a preview of the Monthly Home Blessings for February.  We will be working in the bathroom this month.  I'm going to concentrate most on my small bathroom, but I hope to be able to work on them both!   Here are some things we might need...

Shower Curtain Liner
Toilet Bowl Brush
Old Toothbrush
Microfiber Cloth(s)
Cleaning Supplies

As we get to the end of the month we'll spend a day or two dusting and decorating.  Look around and see what would make your bathroom special without going out of your budget.
Is there something you could make?  Or could you save some money this month to buy some special hand soap?  Update the towels?  Refresh the paint?  Or brighten the room with a throw rug?  I'm sure you can come up with a wonderful idea!  

I'll see you back here Saturday with Week Five of our Home Bless-A-Thon!



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