Monday, February 16, 2015

{The A-B-C's of Gratitude} Enough

Have you ever made a "have" and "want" list?  I made one a number of months ago when I was struggling with "want-itis".  It went something like this...

I have a blog.  I want a new blog design.
I have a lot of stamps. I want the new ones that just came out.
I have a cross stitch pattern kitted up and ready to stitch.  I want a new one.
I have a notebook.  I want a nicer one.
I have a number of books to read.  I want a different one.
I have a pair of boots.  I want a pair without holes in them.

Then I saw this saying...
"Gratitude turns what we have into enough."

As I looked through my list I could see the areas in which my ingratitude was showing and the areas that were truly needs.  If I chose to be grateful, I had enough (and MORE than enough!!!) stamps and cross stitch, but, while I was grateful for my pair of boots, it probably needed to be replaced.

Want-itis is in my life again right now.  Spring decorations, spring clothes, spring goals, and spring tasks are all calling to me, and, if I'm not guided by my budget, It's TOO easy for me to spend 'just a little' here and there because it is "on sale" right now.  But if I overspend my budget by $100 a month, I will have put my family in debt by $1200 at the end of the year!  How much better to UNDERspend my budget and to be a blessing to my husband rather than a burden!!

I'm off to make a new Have/Want list right now, to help me see how to best budget my money over the next few months.  You are welcome to join me!

I'll see you in a day or two with the start of the Menu Challenge!



Here's a Happy Monday prompt for today...
I have....    ; I want...

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Shirlee said...

Thank you for such a very sweet & inspiring post : )