Saturday, March 14, 2015

{Home Bless-A-Thon} Week Eleven

Hello again! 

Did you remember that Spring will begin this coming Thursday? Children (and adults) love to celebrate special days.  Perhaps you could make something fun and spring-y like these adorable Bird's Nests from the Bake at 350 blog...

Aren't they sweet???

OK, now for the mundane part of the post.  Is the Weekly Review becoming a habit yet?  I'll admit that last week my schedule was off a little and I didn't get to do my weekly review on Sunday like I usually do.  Monday rolled around and I found that I had TOTALLY forgotten an important stamping post that should have been up first thing, I didn't have my Happy Monday post scheduled and I had no idea what was for lunch.  I'm sure you can guess that after remedying those little problems I immediately sat down and planned out the rest of my week.  But I have to say that I still feel uncertain that I didn't miss something since I did it in a hurry rather than during the quiet that my Sunday afternoon usually affords!!  So here we go...


First, let's do our weekly review.  I'm going to:

1.  Read through the goals I've set for the month/quarter/year and then make some notes of things I would like to be reminded of this coming week. 

2. Transfer any appointments or special reminders on my monthly calendar to my weekly pages. 

3.  Bring forward any unfinished to do's to a new "To Do This Week" list.

4. Look through my menus for the upcoming week and jot down when to take out meat, make things ahead, etc.

5.  Remind myself of my saving and spending goals. 

5. Schedule time to work on this week's Monthly Home Blessings.

Week Eleven

Here are a few more things to spruce up our kitchens!

Wash the curtains and the inside of the windows.
See if you can make them sparkle in this Spring-time sunshine!

 Put up some Spring decorations.  
I'm pulling out my almostreallooking tulips to brighten up my table!

* Work on a cupboard and/or drawer a day.
Empty, wipe down, and only return what needs to be there!

* Be sure you have the supplies to clean the oven and the inside of the dishwasher.
If you have the supplies and want to tackle one or both jobs this week, go ahead.  Otherwise we'll be working on them next week!

Thanks so much for joining me!!


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