Wednesday, March 4, 2015

{Mastering Your Menus} Breakfasts

Merchandise Research: Breakfasts 
Any merchant worth his salt will put some thought into what cargo should be carried aboard his ships, make some lists and do some research.  So, of course, we can’t jump into making our menus without doing a little research as well. Over the next weeks we are going to start compiling a list of possible meal and snack choices, and we'll start today by thinking about breakfasts. I’m not going to get into the nutrition debate. I think we all know that making things from scratch is usually more nutritious and economical than processed foods, but each family has different needs, different time constraints and different financial abilities. First let’s just give ourselves some options, we’ll make our final choices later.

So here’s your CHALLENGE for today: I’d like you to get a notebook, your planner, or some looseleaf paper. Be sure you don’t do this on the back of an envelope, because you’re going to need it later!!!

Without thinking too hard, write every breakfast idea that you can think of on your piece of paper. They can be simple or fancy, processed or homemade. Here’s a few ideas to get you started…

bagels & butter
eggs & bacon
apple pancake
cold cereal
breakfast bars
toaster strudel
sausage & biscuits
sweet rolls
biscuits and gravy

See what I mean?  From PopTarts to Omelettes and everything in between.  Now, file that paper away in your planner where you'll be able to find it later to add to it as you remember more options. We'll be adding more lists as we go along!! : )  

I'll be back with another menu post on Wednesday, the 18th, but I'll be back before that with some Home Bless-A-Thon and Happy Monday posts.  See you soon!


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