Wednesday, March 18, 2015

{Mastering Your Menus} Lunch

Merchandise Research: Lunch 

Hello everyone!  Today we are going to do some "merchandise research" into lunch options.  A question for you to think about if your family is mostly home during the day - perhaps if you are homeschooling, or your children are still very young - is whether it would be less expensive for you to make another “meal” at lunch, or to eat “lunch” type food. For example, does it cost less to make a soup and muffins, or some sloppy joes, or even bake up some chicken legs, or is it more cost effective to buy some Hot Pockets or lunch meat, bread and chips? The easy answer is, of course,  the homemade “real meals”! BUT, there are days when they don’t work because of time, and there are allergies and likes and dislikes to deal with. So… with that in mind, I’d like you to brainstorm again. For your challenge today, I’d like you to think of a number of “real meal” type lunches - we'll think through packing lunches tomorrow. For today I'd like you to write down things that you couldn’t easily send if you were packing a lunch… except as leftovers to heat up. Things like…

Hamburger Vegetable Soup & Blueberry Muffins
Mexican Beef & Bean Soup & Chocolate Chip Muffins
Chicken Alfredo Soup and Pumpkin Bread
Sloppy Joes in a Bun with Chips
Baked Chicken Legs, Peas & Finger Jello
Bacon/Lettuce/Tomato Sandwiches
Hamburgers & Fries (Homemade or Out!)
Hot Dogs, Buns, Condiments, Chips
Macaroni & Cheese (Homemade or from a box)
Chef Salad

See if you can think of at least 10 options and write them down, just as you did with the breakfast ideas.  It would be wonderful if you could have 20 or even 30 ideas on your list before you file it with the one from yesterday!  And remember -- Don’t lose these lists!!  We will be using them to create our "Captain's Log" later!

Thanks so much for working with me on this challenge.  : )  I'll be back with another menu post on Wednesday, April 1st.  See you then!


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