Monday, March 9, 2015

{The A-B-C's of Gratitude} Hope

Good morning!  Happy Monday to you!!

We were looking at Galatians 5 yesterday in the service and my heart was caught by verse 5...

For we through the Spirit eagerly wait for the hope of righteousness by faith.

I love that "hope" in the Bible isn't used in the way we usually do... "I hope it won't rain tomorrow," or, "I hope the test is easy."  Instead, it is an earnest, steadfast expectation that affects how we live, because we are certain it is true, it just hasn't happened yet.  We have an earnest, steadfast expectation that we will be completely righteous someday.  Not because we kept the Law, but because we trust that Christ's sacrifice was enough for us, and that his perfect righteousness is acceptable to the Father to cover our unrighteousness.  We are waiting for that day, the Bible says.  It is by faith in what Christ has done for us on the cross, rather than in what we do right now.  And through the Spirit we look forward to the day that we will be in fact what we are now in promise.  I love that it isn't just a wish or a "maybe".  For true followers of Christ, it is something that we can count on and it will affect how we live right now.  Our lives will be more and more characterized by the righteousness that we will know in full some day.  There will be a hunger and thirst for what is right and good in our lives that shows in our attitudes and actions.  How thankful I am that my final righteousness does not depend on how well I keep the rules!  And how thankful I am that through faith and the work of the Spirit "keeping the rules" will be transformed into "serving God and others out of love".  Not me on my own, or you on your own, but God working in us, "both to will and to do of His good pleasure."  Christ in you.  The hope of glory.  What an amazing gift to thank God for this week!

Here is a Happy Monday prompt for today...

My quiet time with the Lord is...

I'll be back Wednesday to talk about a Quarterly Review Retreat.  I hope you'll stop by!



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