Monday, April 27, 2015

{A-B-C's of Gratitude} Mothers


What perfect timing for the letter "M" - right before Mother's Day, and better yet, right before my Mom's birthday... the first birthday that she will spend in Glory.  As I've journeyed through these past months without her, so many memories have cropped up at the oddest times!  I remember setting the table with her - learning to set the silverware "straight and tall like soldiers", and adding printed napkins, "just to make it pretty".  I remember learning to write my name on the small chalkboard that was hanging on the kitchen wall.  I remember learning that guests were to be listened to and not interrupted by little girls, and that my telephone voice needed a smile to make it pleasant.  As a toddler I sat at Mom's feet in Sunday School while she taught me about the Lord, and, as I grew, I watched as she spent quiet hours in her room studying to lead ladies' Bible study or speak for a Mother / Daughter banquet.  Over and over and over I watched her open her home for others - college students, missionaries, Senior Citizens, children.  The more people she could bless with her food and hospitality, the better.  And then, not long enough ago to think about without tears, I watched for a week at her bedside as she continued to think about those around her, even though she could not roll over or speak.  A smile, a lighting of the eyes, a lifted hand, a look of concern, a hug.  To the end she taught me... 
 Be a servant.  Be gracious.  Love the Lord.  Love others.

Oh, that I might learn that lesson and pass it on to my family!!

If you have a mother still living, don't forget to send her a note, a flower, make a phone call or invite her over for tea during these next few weeks.   Plan some time to be a blessing!

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