Wednesday, April 1, 2015

{Mastering Your Menus} Packing Lunches

A Little More Research: Packing a Lunch 

Good morning! 

Today I have two fabulous resources for you. A number of years ago I found a site called Miss Maggie had a site chock full of inexpensive recipes and ideas that have helped me *so* much, and her sweetness and giving, humble spirit were refreshing. Unfortunately, the site has now changed hands, and, while some of the content is still there, there is also a lot of advertising and whatnot that disappoints me. Miss Maggie’s family has now had to start eating gluten free (which helps me a lot!!) and her new site is Take a peek there if you want to see what the original feel of hillbillyhousewife was. ☺

Anyway, I found on Miss Maggie’s site a number of years ago two pages that I’d like to share with you today. Both of them deal with packing lunches, but even if you *never* pack a lunch you’ll enjoy the suggestions she offers - especially in the second link.  Be sure to read the comments section, too.  There are some great ideas there as well!

Here you go!

Your challenge for today? Add to your list of lunches, or make a list of lunch box ideas. *And* for those of you who read this far, leave a comment on this post and I’ll be draw a name next time I put up a menu post for a pack of Shopping Lists! 



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