Monday, April 6, 2015

{The A-B-C's of Gratitude} Joy

Last night, after dark, my daughter and I took the dogs out for their final run before bed.  As we stood there, suddenly, clear as a bell in the silence of the night, a cardinal sang his joyful song.  We looked at each other in wonder.  The cardinal was one of my mom's favorite birds - she had a shelf full of cardinal cups, pictures, statues and even a cross stitched pillow that my daughter had made for her a number of years ago.  What a precious, precious reminder to finish off our Easter day.  Remembering with gratitude that the darkness of the grave cannot dim the joy and hope of a future resurrection for those that are in Christ.  And remembering that in our times of darkness in this life, we have reason for a "song in the night seasons".  Christ is risen!  Alleluia!!!!


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Because Christ is risen, I ...

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