Monday, May 4, 2015

{A-B-C's of Gratitude} Notes

Many of you know that I love to stamp notecards - you may have even received some with an order, or chosen them as a prize when you completed the 28 Day Challenge.  Writing "real notes" - rather than just emails or text messages - is becoming a lost art, but what a treat to receive one!! : )  I have a few notes that I received from my Mom over the years and they continue to bless me even now.  Just seeing her handwriting brings back so many sweet memories!  I think one of my summer projects might be to look up a book or two on the art of letter writing.  I'd love to revive the practice with my daughter who will be working in a different state for the next few years!

If you are interested in purchasing handstamped notecards, thank you notes or birthday cards, feel free to drop me an email -- it's in my profile above.  I'd love to help!

Have a blessed day!


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