Monday, May 18, 2015

{A-B-C's of Gratitute} Perfect Timing

Isn't God's timing perfect?  Just last Friday I received a call from my daughter letting me know that her brakes had gone out as she left the college campus.  As she left campus.  Not in the midst of big city traffic.  Not on a long drive home.  But as she passed the gate.  No one was coming and she came to a stop in front of some campus housing.  When we had been there for graduation we had some work done on her car and I was able to call the same place to take care of her.  And the car could be towed easily because it wasn't in the parking garage but on the street.  Perfect Timing.

When we were there for graduation it didn't seem like perfect timing to have to search for someone to work on her car, but now we can see how God smoothed every step and we are so thankful.

Do you have your own story (or stories?) of God's perfect timing??  Be sure to write them down -- be sure to share them.  They will encourage you and others during the times when things look bleak!

Here's your Happy Monday prompt for today...
I saw God's perfect timing when...

Have a blessed day!


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