Wednesday, May 6, 2015

{Mastering Your Menus} Leftovers

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Or for our purpose... “Planned Overs”!  Planned Overs are a little different than leftovers simply because they are - well - planned! For example, if I am serving Sweet & Sour Chicken over rice, I can very easily make up an extra serving or two of rice to add to my Chicken & Rice Soup tomorrow. Perhaps I could have even made an extra chicken breast! Planned Overs require thinking ahead, and a little portion control (i.e. putting the portion that you need for tomorrow away after it’s made, so they don’t get eaten by hungry teenagers!), but they will save you time and energy later! Please realize that I’m not talking once-a-month cooking here. That practice is wonderful - but *way* too overwhelming for me. I’m simply talking about thinking ahead to save yourself some work later.

Your challenge today is to pick a few meals and sketch out how you could “think ahead” so you would have “planned overs”. You might even want to try some of your ideas out this week! One great example of this is the “Rubber Chicken” on Flylady’s site. You’ll find the recipe and some other wonderful ideas on this page at this link…

Need more “planned over” ideas?  

How about using leftovers in a baked potato bar as toppings? Mmmm… 

Or what about throwing leftover (or planned over) taco meat in the chili? 

Or buying a larger roast and saving half to put in a crockpot stew? 

Have fun planning, and I’ll talk to you again soon!



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