Monday, June 1, 2015

{A-B-C's of Gratitude} Quiet

In this world of iphones and mp3s, ereaders and tablets, streaming video and music, we are constantly surrounded by noise.  Children and teens and adults alike seem to retire into themselves to get away from the stresses of the outside world by hiding behind their music and games and earbuds.  In light of that, I have found it interesting that for hundreds of years silence has been considered a Christian discipline.  Quietness.  A time to pray, to read, to draw closer to God, to listen to Him.  It's almost a foreign concept, isn't it?  But it is one I would like to work on in my life.  I remember what a blessing "nap time" was when my children were young.  The quiet was so refreshing!  But in today's fast paced world finding those minutes to spend in quietness before the Lord can be difficult to impossible.  Recently, I've started to get up a half hour or hour earlier than I'm used to in order to do some reading and praying before the rest of the house wakes and I need to care for their needs.  I'm ashamed to say how difficult I'm finding it some mornings, but the rewards have been great.  To meet with God in the stillness with no other demands on my time or my thoughts has been so refreshing, and I am learning to take a tidbit or two with me - maybe a note in my planner or a 3x5 card in my pocket - to look at during the day and draw my mind back to the quiet place with God.

How about you?  Let me encourage you to have a quiet place - a quiet time - that is set aside to seek God and His will and to spend time in prayer and in His Word.  Just think what a truer witness we would be if our character was formed by quiet times of listening to God in obedience than by listening to the philosophy of the latest movie or popular song!  Make me a blessing, Lord!

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