Tuesday, June 23, 2015

Now Available!! Semi-Dated Beautiful Life Manager Pages!!

Hello Friends!

I have a fun addition to our Classic Home Journal Line to share with you today!  Let me introduce our new Semi-Dated Beautiful Life Manager Pages!

(The little plus sign below the First Things First won't appear on your printed pages!)
These single-sided classic size pages combine features from our Simplicity, Beautiful Life Management and Daily pages.  They are "semi-dated", meaning that they have Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday, etc listed, but you will need to fill in the actual month and day yourself.  If you've taken the 28 Day Challenge, you'll recognize the "First Things First" wording in the first section.  I use the shaded area for my meal plans for the day.  Then you'll find the daily tasks from the Beautiful Life Management System, conveniently split up by day, with room available to jot down any extra weekly or monthly tasks you might need to add.  There's a spot for events, a place to keep track of water and vitamins, a To Do list, and even a miniature scheduling spot, or a place to jot notes.  What a fun addition to the line!

As with all of our Classic Home Journal pages, these pages will be printed in house and either 7-hole or ARC/Circa punched before sending them on to you.  

Please note that the lines on these pages are quite tight.  I have small handwriting and they work perfectly for me, but those of you with larger writing might want to plan on using two lines - or you may be more comfortable with the Daily Planner Pages from our Simplicity Line.

I hope you'll find the new Semi-Dated Beautiful Life Manager pages useful!!  You can find them HERE in the store.



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