Wednesday, September 23, 2015

{Mastering Your Menus} Hospitality Made Easy

On Board Entertaining: Hospitality Made Easy 

Good morning! How are you keeping up?? It won’t be long now and we’ll be starting our Captain’s Log. Yay!! But, today, I have a special treat for you...

A few years ago, while I was teaching on the Proverbs 31 woman in Sunday School, I had the ladies each write down some hospitality hints that they would be willing to share, and today I’m going to pass on a number of them to you.  I hope they’ll be a blessing!

Here we go…

“First, when having company, make sure you plan well ahead so that you can spend time visiting rather than slaving in the kitchen. Prepare a menu for however long your company will be visiting.”

“Prepare as many things ahead as you can.”

“Any casserole can be frozen. Lasagna can be frozen, meatloaf can be frozen after it’s been cooked and it makes great gourmet sandwiches when served on sub buns with lettuce and slices of tomatoes and cheese. All casseroles can be put in the oven frozen, just make sure you put it in in plenty of time. Meatballs can be frozen for spaghetti. Left over meatballs can be used for subs with green and red peppers and mozzarella. Desserts such as pies, cookies, ice cream… even cakes can be frozen for later use!”

“Serve homemade pizza. This will get your company involved as they can help put it together, especially the children! Just make sure most of the prep work is done ahead of time and stored in refrigerator until you need it.”

“Simple breakfasts are possible. There are breakfast casserole recipes. Take out those cinnamon rolls you made ahead of time and heat them in the oven or serve toast and cinnamon and sugar. (Even prettier on antique plates from the flea market!) Coffee cakes make a great breakfast, too, and can be made ahead of time!”


Cinnamon rolls heated in the oven. (Take out the night before and wrap in foil. Place in the oven for the morning. do not turn the oven on until the am)
OR - Cold Cereal, Milk & Toast
Fresh Fruit
Coffee, Tea or Juice

Lunch: (This is the main meal of the day…)
Homemade Rolls that were prepared ahead
Salad (Tossed or Fruit or Jello)
Ice Cream and Cookies

Offer an afternoon snack of fresh fruit or rolls and honey with tea. Something simple.

You can offer leftovers, or put nice large rolls out with homemade soup that was prepared ahead. Another option would be to serve rolls with a choice of lunch meat, cheese slices, tomatoes and condiments and let them build their own sandwiches. Serve with a salad, soup or chips. This - believe it or not - is a big hit with company. If you served meatloaf the day before, put that out sliced as one choice of lunch meat.”

“A quick chicken casserole…

Layer chicken breast, cut into bite size pieces, in the bottom of a baking dish. Top with veggie of choice. Top this with a can of cream soup. Top with prepared stuffing. Pour another can of soup on top. 

I sprinkle a little cheese over the veggies and add a little bit of milk to the soup to get it to flow better. I also use two boxes of stuffing. It also works great the day after Thanksgiving!” - SQ (No times or temps were given… I’d expect it would be about 350 for 25-30 minutes… or so!)

“A seasonal centerpiece or special napkins can make it seem like a festive occasion. Having a yummy smelling candle burning, or perhaps some cookies or bread baking can also make your guests feel “right at home”.”

“Another quick and easy company menu that’s especially nice for winter is Chili (that’s not too spicy!), Fresh bread, Applesauce, & Pie with Ice Cream.”


No challenge today!  Just jot down any tidbits that you want to remember and meet me back here next time to get into the nitty gritty of menu planning… The Grocery Budget.

See you soon!



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